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Current Satire Stories

  • Mr. Potato Head to be pulled from stores after fury from BLM

  • Dogs, Drugs, and Forgiveness

  • California Man Cuckolded by Family Pet, Under Investigation

  • Tragedy Strikes Sullivan's Pond

  • How to Make Love in a Canoe

  • Liberals Use Crushing Debt to Aid Middle Class

  • North Korea Axes Public Executions

  • Senior Duffers Rules of Golf

  • Cdn Border Flooded With Army Vets Dressed as Refugees

  • It (Usually) Never Rains In California

  • Snubs and Flubs at the Oscar Nominations

  • Death by Limerick - Trump Edition

  • Death by Limerick - Cdn Politics Edition

  • Trudeau's Resolutions Released by Hackers

  • My Aching Back and the Magical Little Christmas Tree

  • Top 10 Reasons It's Better to be POTUS than Santa

  • Road-Tested and Ready

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