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Cork and the Geez Get the Summertime Blues

(SNN) It's Summer Doldrum Time and the Old Coot and The Geezer are flummoxed and partially agog.  Cranky, too, because we caught them before ...

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So you wanted an Electric Bike but could not afford it?

(SNN) It was one of those days when I had everyone’s attention. Three people all stood over me eagerly wanting my story.  So I started to tell ...

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The Day Chuck Berry Changed His Mind

(SNN) There have been some informative and well written tributes to rock & roll great Chuck Berry since his death March 18th—many by people ...

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Last-Time Chime for the Gonger-in-Chief

(SNN) When I was a young writer I did entertainment pieces for the Dow Jones owned, late, great, and lamented, The National Observer. That ...

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Two Ben Steins and a Battle of the Bullies

(SNN) Ben Stein has been in the news lately, recently saying Hollywood is a “Bunch of bullies and thugs trying to shut down anyone who doesn’t ...

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