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Cdn Border Flooded With Army Vets Dressed as Refugees

(SNN) The UN High Commission on Refugees has found evidence that most of the new refugees walking to Canada from the US are actually Canadian ...

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Death by Limerick - Trump Edition

Now that Trump has just stunned the whole nation and had his inauguration They fight for totality of what is reality Using lurid sensationalization ...

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Death by Limerick - Cdn Politics Edition

(SNN) In the fine tradition of political limerick writing, which dates back to the 1800's, the Sage has taken to verse to try and explain Canadian ...

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Skittles - A Modest Proposal

(SNN) Recently, Donald Trump Jr. compared the Syrian refugee crisis to a bowl of Skittles, asking us if we would eat a handful of Skittles ...

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If Trump Wins Due to Matt Lauer Interview, It's MY Fault

(SNN) Editor's note: We've all done stupid things when we were younger. My bad. If Donald Trump gets elected it’s all my fault.  I feel terrible ...

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