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Cat Lovers Sue Funeral Home for Discrimination

Foul Called on Insensitive Advert

(SNN) - Saskatchewan has seen its share of odd lawsuits in the past, but none stranger than a suit filed in Regina with the Court of Queens Bench. Sue Yoo from Quicker, Ditch and Hyde Attorneys at Law, filed a claim on behalf of the "Feline Advocacy Group of Saskatchewan" stating that an advertisement printed in the Leader Gazette discriminates against an identifiable group, specifically, “Cat Lovers”

The advertisement under examination was published by Newdiggs Funeral Home of Leader, Saskatchewan. The advert depicts a dog digging a hole with the tagline, “Don't let your best friend choose your final resting place.” According to the suit, “The notice deliberately and with malice excluded people of feline persuasion to be warned about the dangers of not planning ahead for their own funeral.”

“When I saw the advert for the first time, I thought, holy crap, all anyone is ever concerned about are dogs and dog lovers,” stated Casey Cox, President of the advocacy group. “What about my cats? Is Newdiggs trying to say that Fluffy, Squeaky, Mittens and Mr. Tibbs could not put me in the wrong place? Newdiggs have set a dangerous precedent.”

According to the Leader Gazette, the lawsuit has residents in an uproar with debates starting up in coffee shops, barber shops and bingo halls, and with spontaneous fights breaking out.

The papers filed are asking for compensatory damages of one thousand dollars and an undisclosed amount for punitive damages. 


Photo (Derivative): Dog Digging, Some Rights Reserved by Carolyn Davis flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed. The original image can be found here.

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