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Limp Kim Explained: He's Getting Shin Extensions

Photo: Stamp this missing dictator report: SOLVED

(SNN) - Recently, the foreign wires have been rife with reports regarding North Korea’s diminutive dictator, Kim Jong-un, appearing to be lame, or at least, lamer than he already was. Some sources claim Kim had surgery on both ankles for an as yet unexplained reason, while others point at gout from his lavish lifestyle as being to blame. New information attributed to anonymous high ranking Chinese sources are now saying Kim has had prosthetics installed in his lower legs that will make him almost 5’ 7” and a half.

“It is no secret that Kim is ashamed of his stature which is why he has classic “little man” syndrome,” said University of California (Fresno) political-psychologist Dr. I. Bill Ouerleigh. “He may feel, with his new found height, he will command a room like he always dreamed of; walking brave and tall amongst the tallest. There might even be an NBA contract in it for him in his mind. I realize it’s a lot to ask for 5’ 7” and a half; a ‘tall order’ you might say if you were a little passive aggressive.”

Head of Appendage Services at the Nayo Clinic’s Limb Branch, Dr. Herman Sternum, says the surgery is painful, risky, and can be spread out over a number of easy-to-manage monthly payments.

“I wouldn’t call it a rare procedure,” said Dr. Sternum in a phone interview. “Perhaps, ‘occasional’ or ‘once in a blue moon’.  It isn’t that much different, really, than having a boob job, though, is it? We wouldn’t want anyone to think we do this procedure at the drop of the hat. It takes just the right candidates with the right insecurities and size of bank account. Only then can it be successful.”

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