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NSA Behind Art Bell's "Dark Matters" Cancellation

Bell and Sirius XM gagged

(SNN) – The news that Sirius XM radio has cancelled Art Bell and his show “Dark Matters” has been greeted with anger from a huge fan base. Art Bell, the original creator of Coast to Coast AM, returned to the air only a few months ago on Sirius XM much to the great fanfare and excitement from fans in both Canada and the U.S..

Much like the letter writing fan movement experienced by the producers of the original Star Trek in the 1960's, a social media fan revolt under the hashtag of #FreeArtBell is building up steam. However, the offices of The Sage News Network (SNN) received a mysterious telephone call from a source who goes by the name of “SoreThroat.” The caller purported that the NSA may be responsible for the cancellation.

“I can't talk freely,” was the initial greeting from SoreThroat, “The lines are tapped, and all my correspondence is monitored by the agency.” SoreThroat went on to intimate that Art Bell had stumbled upon a sensitive matter that would reveal that the American government has been secretly working with forces, 'not of this world.' “The NSA has pulled the plug. Art had stumbled across this through a Canadian source,” was the last words from SoreThroat.

SoreThroat was about to reveal the source when the line went dead. The Sage then received a direct tweet from @Sthrt_SXM indicating that the source was a former Canadian Minister of Defense.

Although the identity of SoreThroat cannot be revealed, the information may be supported by a June 2013 report published by the Huffington Post.

Art Bell has not been available for comment.

Photo: Some rights reserved by JHikka flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed.

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