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Ottawa suffers Dung Beetle infestation

Public Health Agency tracks pest migration to Canada's Capital.

(SNN) - What has public health authorities perplexed, the common dung beetle in Canada has developed migratory behaviours, and the city of Ottawa appears to be the species preferred destination. “Dung beetle's are unique among all other creatures,” said local Entomologist. Philemon Wright, “The only reason this beetle would develop migratory behaviours would be in search of food.”

“The combination of Ottawa as its destination and the Geotrupidae (dung beetle) talents make for the perfect conditions for this infestation,” said Wright. “Aside from the fact that they are known to be attracted to intense light and use the Milky Way for navigation, the dung beetle forage for their food using their sensitive sense of smell."

Ottawa is experiencing large colonies of dung beetles gathering in a 15 square kilometre area between Ottawa West and Beacon Hill. “It has been unbearable,” said one city resident, “If the smell does not hit you, the slippery sidewalks and the crunch beneath your feet will.”

“This particular species found in the Capital are called rollers,” said Wright, “They are gathering their food (dung), by rolling it to dank locations, in this case to Canada's Capital.”

The Sage has learned that large deposits have been discovered near the Capital Parliament Buildings. A recent report has revealed that communities outside Ottawa have seen a drop in beetle population in recent years.

A plan is underway to eradicate the dung beetle population in Ottawa, which has drawn the attention of a group of enviromentalists. “We have to be careful not to upset the balance of nature," said enviromentalist Rose Garland, “Conditions are perfect to see how the dung beetle lives and breeds. We should nurture, not destroy.”

Plans are underway to rid Ottawa of these pests.

Photo by: mbarrison flickr photostrean, Some Rights Reserved, The Sage nor this article endorsed.

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