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UN: Scientists Propose Radical Solution to Climate Change

(SNN) – In what is being called a radical solution to the recent drastic climate events being experienced globally over the past few years, ...

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Russian Lawmakers Propose New Anti-Gay Legislation

(SNN) - Nationalism is on the rise in Russia as it has never been before and with it, strong anti-gay sentiments always follow. Just a few ...

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UN Considering Member Application from ISIL

(SNN) - Achmed Mohammad Grabbir Boubi, spokesperson for the newly formed international region of ISIL, released a statement today announcing ...

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Kim Kardashian's Booty has been nominated

Bulletin: Big Bootilicious Breaking Butt Update (SNN) - With a clean air accord agreed to by China and the US, with Russia rattling its sabers ...

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EPA Ends Approval of Contrail Mind Control Drugs

(SNN) - The US Environmental Protection Agency has withdrawn its approval for mind control chemicals spread by jet airplane contrails on behalf ...

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