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Trump: Worse Than a Poke in the Knee with a Sharp Scalpel?

(SNN) I am a glutton for punishment. That’s why I scheduled a visit with an Osteopathic Surgeon the day after the Presidential election.  I ...

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Auto Makers Drive for Stoner Market

(SNN) According to a leaked memo from an influential vehicle manufacturer consultancy group, car makers are gearing up to create vehicles designed ...

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Is There a Doctor in the House?

(SNN) The yearly pitch for changing insurance carriers has arrived to coax us from one company covering nothing I need (Prostate Practitioner?) ...

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Toronto to Mark 50 Years Since Last Stanley Cup

(SNN) The year was 1967; Canada’s centennial. Lester B. Pearson, the “Mike” from Mike and Ike chewy candy fame, was Canada’s Prime Minister. ...

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Skittles - A Modest Proposal

(SNN) Recently, Donald Trump Jr. compared the Syrian refugee crisis to a bowl of Skittles, asking us if we would eat a handful of Skittles ...

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