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Remake of "Groundhog Day" to Hit Theaters in the New Year

(SNN) Hollywood motion picture big boys, CPC, announced today a remake of the 1993 “Groundhog Day” to be released April 1st, 2016. The announcement ...

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Star Wars Would Be Different If ItsTechnology Was Like Ours

(SNN) The most mystical aspect of the Star Wars galaxy isn't the concept of the Force, the metaphysical power that connects the galaxy. It's ...

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Scientists Reveal: Deaths Linked to Thoughts of Death

(SNN) A recent study released from the American Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia Foundation (ASGF) discovered that there is a direct correlation ...

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Man Dies on Facebook, Gets 15K Likes

(SNN) A man was found dead in his home today, sitting up-right with his Apple Air on his lap open to his Facebook feed, reported the Associated ...

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Evil Killed My Computer

(SNN) I think someone is mad at me; maybe even out to get me. It might be the NSA or the CIA or the People Against the Paranoid, but somebody ...

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