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Evil Killed My Computer

(SNN) I think someone is mad at me; maybe even out to get me. It might be the NSA or the CIA or the People Against the Paranoid, but somebody ...

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World's Leading Scientists Warn: Man-made Time Loss Is Real

(SNN) The threat of time loss is as severe as dying young, according to an emergency summit of the world's Nobel Laureates. “Humans are the ...

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Alberta and Alaska in Talks to Form a New Nation

(SNN) While Prime Minister elect Justin Trudeau pushed his wife off the stage during his election victory speech Monday night, a high Alberta ...

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Top 15 Other Presidential Hopefuls

(SNN) You’ve never heard of them. They’re not at the nationally televised debates. They come from all over the country and all walks in life, ...

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VW Emissions Scandal Becomes Personal in British Columbia

(SNN) Drivers of Volkswagens equipped with diesel engines in British Columbia are coming under discrimination, came an accusation from a group ...

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