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Canuck Stars Bike to Bakersfield to Protest Tar Sands

(SNN) - In response to the flood of Hollywood celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Peter Jackson and doddering rocker Neil Young, touring ...

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Pastafarian Militants Clash with Riceronian Forces

(SNN) - A group of Pastafarian insurgents, seeking to force their beliefs onto the smaller, whiter Riceronian minority have been repelled in ...

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Torture: Good for What Ails You?

(SNN) - The National Torture Association, one of the United States’ most powerful and effective lobbying organizations, is launching a public ...

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Long Running TV Newscast "W5" to be Replaced

(SNN) - A bombshell fell on the CTV today when a disgruntled Grip leaked that the longstanding Canadian Television News show “W5” was being ...

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Iran to Boost Babies, Banning 'Big Snip' & Birth Control

(SNN) - The government of Iran has taken steps to ensure, down the road, there will be even more Iranians. In a quest to bolster their population ...

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