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Cork's Top 15 Rules for the Next GOP Debate

(SNN) As a joke I volunteered to Emcee the next GOP Political Debate. Some joke. They picked me. Then I said I would do it only if I could ...

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Who is Writing Justin Trudeau's Speeches?

(SNN) On the heels of Ms. Jenny Smith's outing Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau as a possible plagiarist, the Sage received additional indications ...

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Iran's Khamenei Imposes Strict Anti-terrorism Laws

(SNN) Following the nuclear deal between Tehran and six nations, Iran's supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, surprised the international community ...

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Cops Raid Granny's Closet

(SNN) Birdtown, MN. - Birdtown locals are shocked and saddened to learn that everyone’s favorite resident, retired elementary teacher and grandmother, ...

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Sharia and the Official Baseball Rule Book

(SNN) News that recent changes to the “Official Baseball Rules” followed by the National Alliance of College Summer Baseball has garnered protest ...

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