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Living Dead is the Best Revenge

(SNN) I occasionally remind my wife that if I ever become utterly useless (utterly the key word here) I want her to treat me like an Inuit, ...

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Finally Answers a Question

(SNN) Fulfilling a promise made of providing transparency in the last federal election, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau actually answered a question ...

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Google to introduce "I'm Feeling Lucky" buttons on Self Driving Cars

(SNN) With the successful launch of Google's Self Driving Car project in several cities, the search engine giant is looking to add value to ...

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Two Award Worthy Performances You Almost Never Saw

(SNN) Directing a movie is a little like playing Bridge. In Bridge you must be able bid a hand properly, and then play it brilliantly.  In ...

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By: Brian K. Hahn - heath,medical study,humor

Study of Dog Butt Licking Leads to Medical Break-through

(SNN) A recent study conducted by students at Swansea Medical College has lead to a miracle break-through in understanding Gastrointestinal ...

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