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Man Cleared of Hate Crime, PETA Outraged

(SNN) A US man has set a gas pump on fire as he attempted to burn a spider on the side of his car with a cigarette lighter. A blaze ensued ...

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Saving the Sage Grouse

(SNN) As some of you may know, The Sage has a crack coterie of freelance humorists, satirists, parodists, one or two Methodists and a hard-working ...

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Social Media: Facebook to Introduce "Piss-Off" button.

(SNN) Founder Mark Zuckerberg has said during a Q&A session that Facebook had been working on a “dislike” button, but in light of the political ...

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Salman Butt Leaves Cricket for Professional Wrestling

(SNN) Following his humiliating conviction by the ICC for spot fixing, the once revered cricketeer, Salman Butt, is leaving Cricket to become ...

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Authorities Seeking Possessed Toilet Last Seen in Washington

(SNN) Paranormal investigators adopted a new term this week with the discovery of a possessed toilet in Bangor, Maine. “Poltergeist”, as it ...

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