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Amazon's Alexa Implicated in Chicago Robbery

SNN - Amazon Alexa, the artificial intelligence (AI) device released by has been implicated in a bungled robbery in Chicago last week. The device which, like Apple’s Siri, can be interacted with and responds to questions and requests by its human master. According to Amazon, the device operates 24 hours per day and listens at all times, ready to respond.

In the case of the bungled Chicago bank heist, two would-be robbers had in their possession the latest Alexa from Amazon. Tony Mechetti and Luca Pinzano, not known for mental prowess, were discussing a bank heist in the living room of Pinzano’s parents house. According to a released police statement, Mechetti claims that neither him or his buddy Luca had any way of procuring the needed tools to pull off the heist. Police have advised that both Mechetti and Pinzano live in their parents basement, are unemployed, and their only source of income in the past was handing out flyers and signs for Occupy Wall Street.

It was while discussing how they would pull-off a bank heist, they outlined the need for a replica handgun, an AR-15, and balaclavas, leather gloves and black hoodies. According to the released statement, it was when they figured they did not have the money or the means to acquire these items that the two men decided to call off the heist.

Two days later, packages began arriving at the Pinzano home from Once the men saw that they had everything they needed, they went ahead with their plan. “Alexa made it all doable,” stated Tony Mechetti. The Amazon account connected to Alexa was owned by Pinzano’s father, a prominent Illinois lawyer.

“We believe that Alexa kept putting the stuff these two needed into a shopping cart,” stated Sgt. Boyko of the Chicago PD.

“I just wish we had discussed a getaway vehicle,” added Luca Pinzano.

Image: Some Rights Reserved by Tony Webster, Source Here

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