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California Man Cuckolded by Family Pet, Under Investigation

(SNN) A California man has come under scrutiny for animal abuse after he a was cuckolded by a Chihuahua.  Peter Muschi of Teakettle Junction came to the attention of police Friday when his neighbour reported to the local PETA chapter that his pet Chihuahua named “Bruce” was leashed to a pole with its balls taped to its left thigh. 

“I came home and Bruce was lying on my side of the sofa licking his balls, while watching Naked SNKTM,” stated Muschi. “Just as I commanded Bruce to move over, my wife, Katrina, walked into the room, wearing nothing but a corset and funnel gag.”

According to Muschi, he ran out of the house and took a room at the local Motel 6.  He denies laying a finger on Bruce.

Bruce was found by authorities leashed to a stripper pole by a velour rope, with “My First Pleasure Tape” wrapping his junk to his thigh. “Bruce was not in any pain,” said a PETA activist, “but he was suffering from a slight case of yeast infection.”

According to Katrina, Peter has not been the same since he was promoted to lead kazoo with the Northern Cali chapter of ANTIFA. “All he does when he comes home is practice his kazoo,” stated Katrina. “He is so winded by the time he comes to bed.”

Whether anything really happened between Bruce and Katrina, authorities cannot say until they locate and interview Peter.   “I mean, what is a girl to do?” added Katrina.

Photo Licence: Flickr by Rocky Sun, “Punk Chihuahua” Some Rights Reserved

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