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Justin Trudeau Showed Up for Work

Photo: Hard at work as usual

(SNN) In a surprise move, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came to visit his office on Parliament Hill to "meet with important people and stuff", while in Ottawa for a day between holidays, pride parades, summer festivals and international conferences.

"It was really great meeting the wonderful folks in my office," beamed the well-tanned world-traveller. "I really should come here more often. Mr. Butts did a fantastic job building my team while I've been busy repairing our relations with the world, especially the UN, America, and extremists of every stripe. Canada is back on the international stage and I have the cheque stubs to prove it."

Trudeau defended being seen bare-chested a lot while vacationing by claiming it is a way to keep Canada in the international news spotlight, even while he's taking time off the summit circuit and staying at an expensive resort. "It's like a working holiday that way," he explained.

Image analysts say Trudeau has been photographed topless more often than Melania Trump, though not as much as Russian exhibitionist, Vladimir Putin.

"It's like my most important job is to keep myself and the country in the international headlines," asserted the PM. "I won't be satisfied until we get a seat at the UN Security Council and maybe even a Nobel Peace Prize. Whatever the cost in money or military will be worth it."

Photo credit: Some Rights Reserved by Alex Guibord Flickr photostream. The Sage nor this article endorsed. The original image can also be found here.

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