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Trudeau Sent Out of Country "Til Things Blow Over"

Photo: Banished to the Land of Odd TV Ads

(SNN) Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, fresh from his recent exhibition of callow ignorance of Parliamentary decorum, is being sent to Japan and away from the suddenly squinty eye of the once-fawning Canadian media.

Armed with flash cards with such advice as "No elbowing", "Act Prime-ministerial" and "Don't ask if there's any killer kush around", Trudeau is going for a week to "expand trade and stuff" as well as attend another major summit which, according to sources, close friends have privately worried is becoming habitual.

"There isn't a meeting of leaders this guy won't attend," said one of Trudeau's closest acquaintances, who obviously wishes to remain anonymous. "They could be discussing equatorial ecology and he'd be there with a couple hundred advisors. It is like some creepy attention addiction."

When asked why he was going to Japan, Trudeau was quite candid.

"The nice thing about Japan is that most Canadians can't read Japanese so if I screw up here, who's to know? The CBC is the only Canadian broadcaster that can afford to send a reporter nowadays and they owe me big time," grinned Trudeau. "After this, I'm sure there's another TPP meeting I can go to. Hopefully, I can stay out of parliament by attending these important meetings until the next election."

Photo credit: Some Rights Reserved by the incredibly talented DonkeyHotey Flickr photostream (well worth a visit). The Sage nor this article endorsed. The original image can also be found here.

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