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Sage Writer and Humor Icon, Jan Marshall, Honored

Photo: Steve Allan visiting Jan on her first TV show

(SNN) Jan Marshall, iconic humorist and beloved Sage wit, was recently honoured with a prestigious Laguna Woods Library literary award for humor. Marshall earned her comedic writing chops with her own television talk shows during the 1980's, which featured guests like Hollywood legend Steve Allan. Ms. Marshall repaid Allan with numerous appearances on his syndicated radio show on station WNEW.  Jan has been a perennial favorite wit and advocate of humor writing ever since.

Profoundly understanding the power of comedic prose, Ms. Marshall founded The Humor and Healing Institute in 1986. The HHI board membership has included Steve Allen, Norman Cousins, John Cleese, Jayne Meadows, Dr. Bernie Siegel and many other influential physicians and entertainers.

As well, Marshall has rubbed shoulders with a number of the luminaries of female comedy including Phyllis Diller, among many others, although getting to meet her long-time hero, the late Erma Bombeck, always had eluded Jan.

“We shared a very special closeness few had,” chuckled Marshall. “We shared the same Century City attorney, for one thing. At least Erma and I corresponded. I was thrilled when she sent me an autographed copy of one of her books.”

It is only fitting that Ms. Marshall is a frequent flyer on Erma Bombeck's site, Bombeck, of course was also the founder and namesake of the Erma Bombeck Writing Workshop at the University of Dayton. The website hosts many of Jan’s witty writing efforts such as this piece she entitled “Freud Would Turn Over in His Grave”.

Make sure you check out Jan’s book! Click the pic to link to the laughs in her latest book, "Dancin' Schmncin' with the Scars".

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