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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Finally Answers a Question

Leaves reporters gob-smacked.

(SNN) Fulfilling a promise made of providing transparency in the last federal election, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau actually answered a question during a recent media scrum.

With a reputation of frustrating news agencies Canada-wide, including the liberal darlings, the CBC, Mr. Trudeau has had the gift of the gab when asked direct yes and no questions to everything from pipelines, the economy, unemployment benefits, to Canada's reduced role in fighting jihadism.

But that frustration came to an abrupt stop, which completely disarmed the media, when he was asked a question, and gave a short concise answer. “It was one of those moments, when you expected him to drone away on a completely different subject, like quantum computing, global warming, or how much gas is expelled by farting whales,” said ORTV reporter Lint Flock. According to witnesses, the presscore in attendance just stood there gobsmacked, frozen in time, while the Prime Minister flipped his hair, smiled, and slinked out of view.

The question, which was posted in Wikipedia within 10 minutes, under “Red Letter Moments in Canadian History” was: “Justin, at the recent Climate Conference in France, you were given a choice of soup or nuts for lunch. Which do you prefer?”

The answer, “Nuts”

Image: Justin Trudeau answering question, Waterloo, ON. Captured from GlobalTV, video included. Fair Use

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