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Trump Issues Immigration Questionnaire

Photo: Not sure about this guy

(SNN) To better define what he meant by only allowing into America "desirable" immigrants and not drug-trafficking Mexicans and any Muslims, other than Amal Clooney who "you have to admit is pretty desireable", Donald Trump and his staff (both guys) have developed a questionnaire they claim should be implemented "when Trump becomes President and stars in the best, most lucrative reality show ever".

The Sage News has obtained a copy of the questionnaire in question in exchange for a kind word about the size of Mr. Trump's hands, which we verify are "yuuuuuuge" (albeit scaly and reptilian).

US Immigration Questionaire

1) Have you ever been a terrorist?

A) Yes

B) No

C) Not sure


2) Have you ever been a Muslim?

A) Yes

B) No

C) Not sure


3) Are you Amal Clooney?

A) Yes

B) No

C) Not sure


4) Do you support Israel?

A) Yes

B) No

C) I prefer to remain neutral at this point


5) Are you Mexican?

A) Yes, but not a drug dealer

B) Yes, but not a rapist

C) Yes, but not a drug dealer or rapist

D) Not sure


6) Do you watch The Apprentice on television?

A) Yes and all the infomercials!

B) No but I will if ever I can afford a TV

C) Not sure I would admit it.


7) Do you want to make America great again?

A) If America isn't great right now, why I am I applying for citizenship?

B) It depends on when you think America was great.

C) Not sure I understand the question.


8) How do you feel about orangey-bronze hair?

A) I love it!

B) Uhhhhh....

C) Not sure it's a color found in nature.


9) Are you okay with violence at political rallies?

A) That's kinda what we are fleeing

B) I prefer refreshments

C) I believe violence is more suited to NHL games

D) I am not sure I am responsible for violence at political rallies.


10) Will you swear allegiance to this country, this culture and the Trump Presidency?

A) Yes, yes, and ummmmm....

B) Of course! I am a bricklayer by trade specializing in brick walls!

C) Not sure I want to live where that many people would willingly vote for Donald Trump.

Photo credit: Some Rights Reserved by the amazing Gage Skidmore Flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed. The original image can also be found here.

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