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Google to introduce "I'm Feeling Lucky" buttons on Self Driving Cars

(SNN) With the successful launch of Google's Self Driving Car project in several cities, the search engine giant is looking to add value to its service, much like they do online. “Half the joy of using a Google service is the adventure,” came a comment from Google staffer Fiona Compaste, “many users allow Google to just transport them to the first search result, which can be quite exciting!”

Of course Compaste is referring to the introduction of the “I'm Feeling Lucky” filter link in the search engine, which will take an online user to one of the many results of a given search.

Now Google is adding that same feature into its fleet of “autonomous cars” which will allow the passenger to enter a search query into a keyboard, press the “I'm Feeling Lucky” button and sit back, close their eyes, and the car takes you to a random result.

“We believe it will elevate this product to a new level,” stated Compaste. According to Sage sources, Google is planning to launch this service with a series of video campaigns on Social Media, which has a computer generated version of Clint Eastwood staring over the passengers saying the brand tagline, “Do you feel lucky, punk?”

However some believe the search engine giant is using this branding to offset some accidents recently reported. According to Sage sources, a few accidents have been reported involving Google Self Driving Cars. All but one, with a public transport bus, was the fault of a human driver and not Google.

In any light, it appears that the “Do you feel Lucky” button may have more than one true purpose.

Image: by Sam Churchill Google CarSome Rights Reserved.  

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