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If Libs Serious About Pot Reform, Halt Possession Busts NOW

Photo: Riding horses is more fun than harrasing stoners anyway

(SNN) It seems apparent the governing Liberals are still moving forward with their marijuana legalization plans. This reality makes it preposterous for law enforcement officials to continue to arrest citizens for simple possession. Just the fact that the government has agreed the law should be abolished indicates they know marijuana prohibition is more damaging than the plant itself.

"But make no mistake about it, Mr. Harper's failed approach — which endangers our kids and our communities - needs to stop," is how our new Prime Minister phrased it during the election. So why continue the idiotic charade of demonizing a medicinal plant until they can get their legislative act together?

Every day that we continue to make police officers arrest people over possession of a plant is a massive waste of resources that unnecessarily destroys lives of otherwise law-abiding people. The waste of judicial resources will be doubled when the law is officially revoked and people will be applying for pardons for a crime they should never have been charged with in the first place.

Does this matter to non-users of the drug? Absolutely!

Not only is marijuana prohibition a colossal waste of all taxpayers money, to enforce a victimless crime, ultimately, it is another over-application of the law to restrict personal freedom. It is like the small-minded initiative by the Alberta NDP to outlaw menthol cigarettes (while theoretically supporting pot legalization). It is just more social engineering; something we must reject at every instance. (Full disclosure, when I did smoke, menthols were never my choice.)

Maximizing personal freedom must be the goal of every government, not forcing, bribing, cajoling or arresting people to make them think it's the "correct" way for them to live their lives. All government is, really, is a group we hire to pay the bills for the things we do collectively as a nation. They are the managers; we are the Board of Directors.They should not be pushing their world view on the populous. The government has a responsibility to reflect the will of the people, not usurp personal choice by the imposition of the will of the government.

Given that truth, and the fact that a vast majority of Canadians support removing criminal sanctions from pot use, it is obvious this longstanding miscarriage of justice must cease immediately. Doing anything else is playing petty politics with people's lives.

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