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Man Dies on Facebook, Gets 15K Likes

(SNN) A man was found dead in his home today, sitting up-right with his Apple Air on his lap open to his Facebook feed, reported the Associated Syndicated Services.

Luke Warme from Climax, Saskatchewan, succumbed to a heart attack while posting and reading his newsfeed on Facebook. According to his Facebook feed his last status update occurred at 3:12AM on December 3rd, 2015, which read, “I am out making some changes in my life … leave a message and I'll get back to you. If I don't get back to you, it will let you know you are one of the changes!"

He was found deceased 12 hours later sitting upright, hands on the keyboard, with his Facebook status pinging away. “It was pretty eerie,” said his neighbour, Hardy Miel, who discovered him. “I walked in his house, as I usually do, to have coffee with him and started to strike up a conversation while I put on a pot,” Miel continued, “I was there for about 10 minutes until I noticed he had not been answering, and his laptop was pinging away.”

Luke was found sitting up, wearing only a house-coat and fuzzy slippers, unshaven, with Netflix playing Season 3 of "Storage Wars."

According to Warme's Facebook profile, his last status went viral after thirty of his friends reposted his status, apparently taunting him with comments like, “Good riddance, #redneck #xenophobe," and ” “Nice knowing you #racist #intolerance #redneck.”

In all his status was shared 1200 times, collecting over 15,000 likes in a twelve hour period.

“He would have been proud of that,” came a post in response from a Facebook friend, “Luke was pretty active on Facebook, a bit annoying, a bit obsessive, a bit edgy, an intolerant SOB, but 'likable' for sure in a Facebook kinda way.”

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