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What None of the Leaders Are Saying

Photo: More government = less freedom. Always.

(SNN) They debate, they give stump speeches and fill our social media with their sound bite messaging. Sadly, however, although they speak a lot, the leaders of the parties in #elexn42 never say what we really want them to.  Instead of blathering on, here's what I believe they should be saying:

We will never take away any freedom without a proven case that it is seriously detrimental to the society as a whole.

We will not take a dollar more than is absolutely necessary to conduct the business of essential governance.

We will not use taxation tools for social engineering programs; I.e. Extra taxes on sugary snacks, tax breaks for piano lessons. They never work as intended much like many government programs.

If there are surplus dollars at the end of a budget period, they will be returned to the electorate. A surplus is another way of saying over-taxation.

No new immigrant, refugee or TFW will receive better government-supplied healthcare than a citizen of the nation.

Any government-supplied social service payments to people with dual citizenship should be shared with the other country the person has allegiances to.

We will not use manufactured fear to make the population accept less freedom.

Social services for those in need will be lucrative enough for people to live in dignity but more oversight must be provided to ensure cheats are caught.

First Nations reserves must be converted into regular Canadian municipalities and all Canadian citizens should be treated equally before the law with no group receiving special tax-free status.

Political party donations should not have a personal tax implication. Registered charities doing good works for society should reduce taxable income dollar for dollar with a cap of 10% of your annual income.

Churches and charities will be taxed on money not used for charitable work if their administration costs exceed 50%.

No business should receive government subsidies. If a business isn't profitable, it should not be in business.

Instead of guaranteeing a supply of low-cost labour via temporary foreign workers, businesses must open where there is a large enough workforce. TFW’s will only be allowed for regions with unemployment at 5% or less.

We will force the civil service to provide much better quality customer service on the front lines. We pay too much in taxes to be treated shabbily by government service providers.

The police who enforce the laws the government enacts will be mandated to better weed out overly-aggressive individuals and body cams must be worn throughout their entire shift.

We must end the outdated concept of a "peace dividend" and better equip our armed forces. It is a much more dangerous world now than it was before the turn of the millennium. 1.5 to 2% of GDP is appropriate and can be partially offset by slashing boutique tax cuts and subsidies to businesses.

We must get Canadian energy products to markets abroad. No other country would ignore a resource so plentiful and lucrative than the oil sands despite sinister forces pitted against them such as Russia’s oil lock on Europe. Of course improvements to the technology will be ongoing to make them cleaner as they have been evolving since they began. It is much like the internal combustion engine which has seen countless improvements in exhaust emissions since it was invented.

We will invest wisely in necessary infrastructure on an ongoing basis understanding proper maintenance offers long-term savings and safer citizens.

We will recognize provincial premiers as the choice of their constituents and treat them as equals on the national stage.

We will maintain, and even increase, monetary inducements to have more children to reverse the dwindling of home-grown Canadian populations. Baby booms create a long-lasting economic boost for all.

Photo: Some Rights Reserved by Kevan Flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed. The original image can also be found here.

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