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A Rise of Adolf Hitler: "Look Who's Back"

New Satirical German Film, Exposing Disturbing Trend

(SNN) Published in April of 2014, the satirical book, Er ist wieder da, translated as “Look Who's Back,” has sold more books in the past seven months than the book, “Mein Kampf," which sold prior to the Nazis coming into power and was penned by the subject of the former.

The book “Look Who's Back” has sold over 1.4 million copies.

Adolf Hitler is emerging as a “pop” culture figure in Germany as a result of the book, and now, with the release of the companion motion picture of the same title, Hitler is entering the minds of millions of Germans.

Opening to several theaters in Germany this week, David Wnendt’s film ‘Look Who’s Back’, based on the best-selling novel of the same name, sees Adolf Hitler wake up to find himself in the 21st century. After he gets used to the idea that he has taken a 70-year leap in time, the former Führer makes a surprise and successful career turn as a stand-up comedian.

Wnendt took this theme further. During the filming, they took to the streets of Germany to encounter the average 'man on the street'. What they discovered was that the middle class has began to lean to the far right ideologically, and in many cases the responses were disturbing. The actor who plays Hitler in the film noticed that many who approached him would express there political position, even though they knew it was a rouse.

The premise of the story sees Hitler awakening from a coma on the site of his former bunker, which has been rebuilt as a residential area of Berlin. Still in his uniform, he finds himself in the present, with Angela Merkel leading the country and the former pure Aryan race now comprising a mixed society, so multicultural he does not recognize it. Taken as an 'Elvisish' impersonator, he is thrust into the limelight, where he decides to embrace the role and become a stand-up comedian.

World News Digest Report - "Look Who's Back"

Don't hold your breath for an English dubbed version of this Neo-Nazi-sh romp-com. But one question comes to mind. Is Germany ready for Hitler?

Image: Capture from WND report. Video link provided.

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