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VW Emissions Scandal Becomes Personal in British Columbia

Owners forced to push cars on and off BC ferries

(SNN) Drivers of Volkswagens equipped with diesel engines in British Columbia are coming under discrimination, came an accusation from a group of disgruntled owners. What is becoming an embarrassment to the German automotive giant, the Volkswagen Group, the “Emissions Scandal” has now caused considerable inconvenience for their customers.

“The issues began to emerge when a Mrs. Clara Banger from the City of Merritt, received her toll-bridge charges,” stated Pritz Fitz, the President of the VW Owners Club of BC, “Banger's toll-bridge charges for crossing the Port Mann Bridge in Vancouver averaged $15.00 per crossing, well over the small car rate of $3.15.” According to Fitz, Banger also found a three-fold brochure in the envelope titled, “Fun Things You Can Do With Your Volkswagen Without Starting It,” a Provincial Government handout that suggested many things that can be done with your VW without turning on the ignition. “The brochure detailed turning your Passat into a birdfeeder and even suggested a Jetta herb garden," advised Fritz.

“We believed it was just a one-off incident, until we started getting emails from almost all of our members,” stated Fitz.

The most telling insult came when owners of the VW Jettas and Passats were provided their own boarding lane at the BC Ferries Departure Bay in Vancouver. “Owners of these models were forced to push their cars on and off the Ferries,” chided Fitz. “It is outrageous!”

According to Fitz, several complaints from VW Owners in BC have been lodged. They include:

  • Over billing on all Toll-Bridges.

  • Pushing of VW automobiles on BC Ferries and off BC Ferries to a clear distance of 100 meters.

  • BCAA (British Columba Automotive Association) road-side service tow truck drivers seen wearing gas masks when hooking up all models of VWs.

  • Forced parking of VWs to minimum distance of 200 feet away from any public entranceways in shopping malls, restaurants and licensed establishments.

  • Underground parking facilities refusing admittance for Volkswagens.

The VW Emissions Scandal has been dubbed the "diesel dupe". Last month, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that many VW cars being sold in America had devices in their diesel engines that detected when they were being tested, changing the performance accordingly to improve results. The German car giant has since admitted cheating emissions tests in the US, and now other countries including Canada have called for investigations.

Image: “Stopped by the dealer . . . checked out the showroom by Jay Kleeman, Some Rights Reserved. The Sage nor this article endorsed.

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