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Social Media: Facebook to Introduce "Piss-Off" button.

(SNN) Founder Mark Zuckerberg has said during a Q&A session that Facebook had been working on a “dislike” button, but in light of the political campaigns in both Canada and the United States, they will be pushing ahead with a beta-version of a “Piss-Off” button within the next two weeks.

“We bandied around a few options during our brain-storming sessions,” came the comments from an unofficial Facebook official. “Buttons with iconic phrases like, 'jerk', 'asshat' and 'drop-dead' made final cuts.” According to the unofficial official, a huge debate commenced when a senior programmer suggested “WTF” as a great idea. “It got pretty heated in the boardroom,” advised one staffer, “in fact, many stopped playing ping-pong and hand-ball to see what all the arguing was about.

According to a Sage source, it all came to a head when Zuckerburg walked in a yelled, “Hey, everybody piss-off”

The rest they say is about to become history.

Image Source: By Eric Solheim, Some Rights Reserved. "Mark Zuckerberg" The Sage nor this article endorsed.

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