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Detroit police 'arrest man with hands up'

(SNN) Disturbing video footage was distributed on social media that shows police in Detroit arresting and detaining a man who had his hands up.

In the video, obtained by local media in Detroit, a man is clearly seen standing outside an apartment building with his arms raised before two officers handcuff him and pull him to the ground.

Police say he was armed and officers first attempted to subdue the 39-year-old with stern language.

A series of arrests in the last year have sparked protests throughout the nation culminating to riots in several cities.

In a news television broadcast, Detroit Lawyer Misty Meanor said the video was "outrageous" and told people to "tell everybody they could" to share the video.

Meanwhile, US officials say a second video has emerged that gives a "very clear view" of the arrest, which indicates that the man being arrested was actually white.

Cause for concern

“Wait, what, he was white?” came a response from Harlemisha Brown, spokesperson for the NAACP, “Are you sure? That can't be right.”

Police said the officers were responding to a domestic dispute involving a woman who had been threatened with the family pet parakeet.

The officers involved, Roger Stadenko and Peter Gunn, have been allowed to continue their shift and are expected to have a couple of days off soon, without pay.

In the US, police arrest thousands of citizens daily, which have many concerned that their freedoms are being curtailed and that law enforcers are targeting people for “doing stuff.”

Civil liberty groups are calling for action and want police powers reduced so that arrests can no longer take place without first getting court authority.

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