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Cyber-Sex Pregnancies Becoming an Epidemic Amongst Seniors

(SNN) Social Media users are failing to heed warnings about cyber-sex, leading to soaring numbers of unplanned pregnancies.  New figures show that cyber-sex pregnancy rates rose by 12 per cent in some parts of Canada last year.

According to a recent study by the CDC, the situation is turning epidemic. Users on key social media platforms have reported unplanned pregnancies due to sex chatting, or sexting, on many platforms with Facebook's Messenger topping the list.

Social Media advocates groups, supporting new cyber-sex education policies, shrugged off the increases today - claiming the statistics would soon improve.

But critics fear users are now experimenting with new chatting platforms even later than before, and say the figures cannot be dismissed as a "blip".

Sexting pregnancy affects those over the ages of forty.

Details of Facebook pregnancy rates across Canada were released today, just days after a publication of aggregated data figures showing that cyber-pregnancies among those over forty rose by 300 within the last 6 months in the city of Toronto alone.

The study garnered dismay from social media advocates who believe increasing cyber-sex education and distribution of free trojan software may be encouraging promiscuous behaviour in emerging seniors. The number of unplanned cyber-sex pregnancies has jumped on many social media platforms with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram users experiencing the most senior pregnancies.

"It appears that, in some areas, the sexting pregnancy strategy is failing to get through to senior users,” advised Belinda Lovelettre, Director of Cyber Disease and Morality for the CDC. "If the figures continue to increase in the next few years, we will have to look at restricting users of all social media platforms to those under the age of forty years."

Some users are blaming poor security features provided by Facebook, citing the need to prevent public access to profiles. “Ok, so I sext once in awhile with a fella from India, but I tightened up, and even used Norton Internet Security,” stated disgruntled Facebook user Eva Gravida, “now I am expecting.”

Canada has the second-highest rate of virtual online conceptions in the western world, with more than 1,000 grandmothers over the age of 45 conceiving each year.

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