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Sage Gaming Expert Rates 'Street Walker 4' for IOS

Photo: No doubt a dead end

(SNN) Edgy game developer Sick Games Inc, who had created the world’s first XXX rated video games featuring cut scenes with actual pornography, has published a fourth installment of their racy “Street Walker” series.

Like the others, the game involves living the experience of being a street-level prostitute. Points are awarded for “scores” (including explicit footage of the events) with major prizes, diamonds, furs, etc. available at “political conventions”. The danger of a “Bad Date” is always lurking, however so you have to guess right and use your “Gut Instinct” points wisely.

The game plays very realistically; one never knows what kind of person is stopping their car in front of you, as you stand barely dressed on the sidewalk. You know if you guess wrong after losing all your “Gut Instinct Points”, you will lose all your “Life Points” and it will be game over.

The big changes in this fourth version of the franchise is that:

  • You can now accept Bitcoins to buy illegal Viagra-based Hardwood Beer online, which increases your money and your “Beauty Points”. (Spoiler Alert: Your “Beauty Points” can be wiped out by a “Bad Date” that is an angry drunk.)
  • The religious people trying to “save you from the streets” now carry weapons and can turn on you.
  • In Canadian cities, the police can no longer arrest you but can arrest your customers, which gives you great power.

The goal, as always in this series, is to become a “High Class Call Girl” and make oodles of money while being pampered by a loving, select clientele. As in life, the chances of beating the game are small.

Also available on most other platforms, as well as for PC and as a pop-up book.

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