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Hollywood: Justin Trudeau Offered Lead in Remake of "Being There"

Justin the Drama Teacher in Role of Chance the Gardener

(SNN) Warner Brothers is courting a script for the remake of “Being There” and they are looking to Canadian Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau for the lead role.

The original, released in 1979, starred stoic funny man Peter Sellers as “Chance the Gardener,” a man who lived his entire life inside a home in Washington DC; a man who tended the gardens, and who's world view was moulded by watching cartoons and dramas on television.

“Justin Trudeau is perfect,” advised Hugo Steinman, VP Production, Warner Brothers. “We wanted a man who's life imitated art, a man who's portrayal of Chance would be a mirror of the actor himself.”

In a press release, WB stated “Being There is uncannily like Canadian politics. Jerzy Kosinski's written character of Chance the Gardener and the blind relationship of those who propelled him into American politics, mirrors Justin Trudeau. Chance can say anything and his supporters believe it as both deep and profound. Here at Warner Brothers, we are excited to offer the lead to Mr. Trudeau.”

When asked to comment on the remake and Justin Trudeau's role as the new leading man, Shirley Maclaine, the last surviving star from the original film, is quoted as saying, “Well, he certainly has a nice head of hair.”

Above: Theatrical Trailer for "Being There" (1979) Starring Peter Sellers and Shirley Maclaine

Image (cropped): Freelance photographer Richard Burdett (Website) - taken at eTalk Festival Party. “Justin Trudeau and wife Sophie Gregoire at the eTalk Festival Party, during the Toronto International Film Festival.” CC BY 3.0 Source: Wikipedia

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