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Drug Lord Dies From Pot Overdose

Photo: He should have worn a hard hat

(SNN) A Colombian drug lord has become the first person ever recorded to die from too much pot. The gangster, 98 year-old Havier "Machine Gun" Reddy, was directing the loading of a giant, four tonne bale of marijuana onto a truck when the cable broke crushing him underneath. The Chief Medical Examiner in Bogata, Dr. Elpidio Esperanto, stated at a press conference following the autopsy, it appeared the body had been placed in a giant buster and cranked hard for a while.

"It seems from the small red stain that is all that is left of Señor Reddy, he became just another victim of the drug trade," intoned CMO Esperanto. "At least he died doing what he loved to do; making a killing on a drug deal."

The medico created an international sensation by signing off on the death certificate as an "overdose of marijuana", making it the first instance of its kind in history. Medical experts all over the globe suggested the CMO erred in his finding since Reddy would have met his untimely demise no matter what the massive weight consisted of.

Esperanto is sticking to his guns, however, claiming it's the only way he could ever have received this much attention, and he really likes it.

He also said the bale of "Killer Weed" will be stored at his estate as evidence.

Reddy is survived by all four of his older siblings who were shocked to have outlived their youngest brother.

Unaltered Photo: Some Rights Reserved by Michael Pereckas Flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed. The original image can also be found here.

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