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Prentice Uncalls Election

Photo: Prentice with unidentified companion

"Oops! Our bad! We forgot about that whole law thing."

(SNN) Alberta's beleaguered Premier, Jim Prentice, has retracted the election call he had originally announced May 5th.

"After eyeing up the polls, the rage on social media, the caustic, mean-spirited editorials in all the papers, we have decided to listen to the people for once and call off the election. After all, we're bound by fixed election date legislation. It takes a big party to admit when they were wr... wro... Perhaps mistaken," said the Premier at a hastily called news conference at the legislature, which has added new security details due to Prentice's plunging popularity.

"I believe the leader of the PCs has realized he crapped the bed on this one," crowed NDP leader, Rachel Notley. "He's so far down in the polls, he can't see my butt without binoculars."

"This is the flip-flop of the century," said Alberta Party leader, Gord or Grant or some other 'g' name. "It's our big chance to double our popularity to 4%!"

"Being an actual doctor, I can see the PCs are in serious trouble. I hope they remembered to fill out their living will," advised Dr. David Swann, leader of the Alberta Liberal Party (Yes, a Liberal party in Alberta. Who knew?)

Brian Jean, newly installed head of the Wildrose Party, responded to the Premier's surprise announcement by saying,"No new taxes."

Unaltered Photo: Some Rights Reserved by Premier Jim Prentice Flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed. The original image can  be located here .

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