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All Sask Strippers to Change Their Name to Charity

Photo: I think her boobs are fake

(SNN) Brad Wall’s Saskatchewan Party government has enacted legislation banning burlesque dancing in clubs and bars, but still allows the practice for non-profits and community groups to have a once a year license for charity. As a result, all the strippers in the province are changing their name to Charity.

“It only makes sense,” says Charity Boobilicious (Not her real name until the paperwork goes through). “If we’re going to be doffing our duds for dudes, we want to get paid. The law says the money can only go to charity, so I want to be a Charity. Otherwise, the law is simply saying that pimping strippers is illegal unless the stripper gets no percentage of the take. That doesn’t sound fair. ”

Saskatchewan business owner, Randy N. Reddy, who has been running a strip club in Biggar, called Good Strong Farm Women Taking Off Their Clothes and Grill, is incensed at the legislation.

“We don’t have abortion laws or laws against selling your body, you just can’t show it to anybody, apparently,” he said. “It’s not okay to tell women what to do with their bodies except for stripping? Why is that an exception? They’re shutting down my business with the stroke of a pen.”

There were some groups that were happy with the news. The Kerrobert Krimson Kap Krusaders, a ladies of a certain age club that does fundraising for local causes, were thrilled with the news.  Their president, Hatty Horoshakskiwich, said the group will be holding a strip-a-thon in June at the agriplex and all the girls are willing to give it a try if it will help raise money for the Boys and Girls Club and the United Church.

“On that day you can call me ‘Charity Horoshakskiwich’,” she giggled.

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