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World Leaders Applaud PM Harper's Bill C-51

Photo: Putin Applauds Harper With NK Security Advisers

(SNN) A number of heads of foreign countries have weighed in on the contentious security bill the ruling Conservatives have tabled in the Canadian House of Parliament. The bill, number C-51 is titled “A Bill to Create More Secrecy and Allow Apprehension and Detention, Without Charge, of Unspecified Anti-Government Forces For the Greater Freedom and Security of the Canadian People”.

The bill, which seeks to “out patriot”  America’s Patriot Act, has been roundly denounced by numerous Canadian experts, including those knowledgeable about Canada’s security apparatus, police forces and constitutional lawyers, as well as a guy named Tony who lives in Banff. However, on the international stage, the bill is receiving much more favourable reviews.

Russian Foreign Minister Mikhail Znavy, for example, released a communiqué from Vladimir Putin himself, who extolled the virtues of the bill, as well as chiding Prime Minister Harper for having to “play catch up”.

“It is nice to see Canada finally realizing the establishment of secret police forces is the best way to guarantee the safety of the people, or at least the people in the ruling elite,” quoted Znavy.

Kim Jong-un also had glowing words for the hugely over-reaching security bill. In an exclusive interview with investigative reporter Peter Tookalook of Radio Free Tuktoyaktuk, the meticulously coiffed Korean leader put the “Tory” in “congratulatory”.

“The nation of Korea stands firmly behind Mr. Harper as he tightens his grip on his citizens to protect their freedom,” said Kim. “I am glad Harper accepted the help of the delegation of constitutional experts we had sent to Ottawa to help draft the bill.”

President Obama declined to give an opinion on the new development, preferring to remain neutral. A brief statement from the White House indicated their position.

“Who? Canada? Since when did we start caring about what happens in Canada?”

There were many other messages of encouragement for Harper, including notes from Zimbabwe’s Roberts Mugabe, Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad and even this tweet from the Supreme Commander of the Galactic Empire, Lord Darth Vader.

“Welcome to the Dark Side, Steve!”

Unaltered Photo: Some Rights Reserved  by Republic of Korea Flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed. The original image can  be located here

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