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Canadian Man Clubbed After Being Mistaken For a Seal

(SNN) – Canadian businessman Harold Whipman was clubbed Wednesday while crawling home from an all-night bender, according to the Provincial Press.

Town of Leading Tickles police reported that former politician, Farley Canuck, was shovelling snow near his home in Newfoundland when he spotted a dark shape moving through the snow. When he came closer, Canuck instinctively grabbed his shovel and began clubbing the mass, mistaking it for a stray seal. “Those critters are hard to put down,” stated Canuck “This one was resilient, it just kept moving along.”

A passer by, watching the action, noticed that the seal was wearing a red and blue ski jacket, which made him inquisitive. “I seen the clubbing,” stated Bobby Whipple, owner of Tickles Snowshoes and Mittens, “Farley was doing a fine job, but his technique was not quite kosher.” According to Whipple, it was when he stopped Canuck, grabbed the shovel, and began demonstrating the proper clubbing technique that he noticed the seal was wearing a ski jacket.

According to police, the two men revived Whipman, who by now was face down on the road.

"They thought I was a seal," Mr Whipman, age 73, told The Sage. "'I'd like to thank Whipple for his clear eyesight. … If he hadn't been as interested in the sport as he was, I think Farley would still be whacking at me."

Mr Whipple had been on a bender at a local pub the day before when he took a detour because his usual road was closed. "I didn't realize how far a crawl I had," he said, explaining why he was on Canuck's street.

Canuck had spotted Mr Whipman while he was shovelling the driveway for his son, who was on his way home from a night shift.

"I'm sure I didn't do anything different than anyone else would have," Canuck said.

Whipman was taken to a hospital and has since recovered. “I don't hold any ill feelings towards Canuck,” stated Whipman, “I like the fella's spirit!.”

Photo: Some Right Reserved by pratt flickr photostream. The Sage nor this article endorsed. The original image can be found here.

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