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Vanilla Ice Arrested for Felony Home Burglary and Grand Theft

(SNN) - Robert Van Winkle, known by his stage name Vanilla Ice, was arrested Wednesday in Florida for felony home burglary and grand theft according to a report by the LA Times.

According to Lantana Police Chief Sean Scheller, Van Winkle was placed under arrest after he voluntarily spoke to detectives. The police say "He has been very cooperative."

Police advise that the arrest stems from an investigation into the theft of numerous items from a foreclosed home across the street from one that Van Winkle is renovating. The Investigation commenced in December.

According to investigators, witnesses have pointed to Van Winkle as being involved in removing the property from the foreclosed home; however "Mr. Van Winkle has a different recollection of what happened."

Van Winkle will be held in the Palm Beach County Jail until he can post bond,

Vanilla Ice is the star of a current reality based home-renovation TV show, "The Vanilla Ice Project, on the DIY Network.

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