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Radical Islam has virtually exceeded the goals of Nazi Germany

(SNN) – In a television interview on FoxNews during the “The Kelly File” Tuesday, Gen. Jack Keane said there is no comprehensive strategy to defeat radical Islam, and he said U.S. policies have failed. “Radical Islam has increased four-fold in five years,” Keane told host Megyn Kelly. He added “This administration has been paralyzed by the fear of adverse consequences in the Middle East driven by the realities of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Radical Islam's expansion is either prominent, or is in control of large regions on the continent of North Africa. The radical extremist Islamic State has virtually wedged itself between Syria and Iraq, essentially cutting a massive track of land creating a 'state' that imposes sharia on those remaining in the region, complete with a form of government, and military control.

How big this this problem?

In comparison to Nazi Germany during the height of its occupancy of Europe, [see map], radical Islam has exceeded Hitler's goals, not including insurgencies being attributed to any mapping.

When American troops left Iraq Keane is said to have stated, “This war is over, we have lost.” Within a week after the last set of boots left Iraq in 2011, the first bombs began to go off in Baghdad.

As radical militants and the violence it brings spread their version of Islam across Africa, will a formal declaration of war with resolve be brought forth by the West?

Images: Maps wikipedia, fair use, and FOX NEWS with data from Institute for the Study of War.

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