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(SNN) - Last December, we welcomed our newest writer, Peter Greendale. With an eye on Alberta politics, Peter launched his Sage journey with the revelation that the province’s government has a secret plan that involves a blue cross and the wild rose. Curious Albertans will especially appreciate this clever, imaginative piece! Peter also reveals how PETA hacked “The Cooking Channel” and stirred up a little trouble for Chef Gordon Ramsey. We’re excited to have Peter on the Sage team and look forward to sharing more of his creative work with our readers.

Our resident movie critic and emmy winning entertainment reporter, John “Cork” Corcoran Jr., and his sidekick, Hollywood character actor, Dan Roth, are back with a new season of The Old Coot and the Geezer Show. John (The Old Coot) and Dan (The Geezer) provide our readers with quick-witted commentary on everything Hollywood. Now broadcasting in high def, The Old Coot and The Geezer bring us a wise and witty review of the 72nd Golden Globe Awards. Grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy this and their many other reviews in The Sage!

After a hiatus, writers Kris Keppeler and Ian McKerracher are back! Kris and Ian show us their other-worldly side and look to the stars.  In Kris’ latest piece, she writes of the discovery and proof that ancient astronauts visited Earth, while Ian explores claims of life on Mars. Fans of science fiction and fantasy will love their humorous exploration of these mysteries!

As we move forward in 2015, look for a great year of new and evolving content from the world of humour, satire, parody, opinion (serious, or maybe not) and entertainment news.  And thanks to our loyal readers for joining our Sage wordsmiths on this wacky and wonderful journey!

Image: Some Rights Reserved by Enokson flickr photostream, The original image can be found here.

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