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Pirate Booty Found Washed Up at Oak Island

Did the Money Pit Erode Releasing Its Treasure?

(SNN) – Oak Island, located in the Lunenburg County on the south shore of the Canadian Province of Nova Scotia, has been the stuff of legend for over two hundred years, the fabled location of pirate treasure buried by Captain Kidd.

On January 10th, as a result of renewed interest, in part due to the History Channel airing of “The Curse of Oak Island”, treasure seekers have once again invaded the shoreline which revealed a small amount of coins washed up on shore.

Quebec treasure seeker hits pay dirt.

“The coins are small, about the size of a four hole button,” advised Quebec treasure seeker Madam Grosse Connerie. “In all, I found 50 kilograms of these coins.” The coinage was worn and many were corroded, and much of it was bunched together.

The find has renewed speculation that the Money Pit is slowly leaking its content. According to legend, pirates Captain Kidd and Edward “Blackbeard” Teach buried the treasure "where none but Satan and myself can find it."  Many believe that Oak Island was used by the two as a shared bank.

Whatever the truth, interest in the island as the 'Treasure Island' began as early as 1795, with many people visiting the hole known as the “Money Pit.”, a location that has taken lives and may still hold its booty.

As for Madam Connerie, local skeptics are claiming her find is nothing more than a local bar's old collection of pennies. The penny fell out of Canadian favour in 2013. “These are not pennies,” advised the Madam, “I have worked for pennies all my life, and I know one when I see it.” She added, “I will not stop until Blackbeard's treasure is all mine.”

Image (cropped): "A Pirate ship in the Porto Antico, Genova. It was used for a Roman Polanski film."  Some Rights Reserved by Davide Simonetti flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed. The original image can be found here.

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