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"The Identical" has Entered the Building [VIDEO]

Will "The King" rock and roll over in his grave?

(SNN) – With the streaming release of Dustin Marcellino's musical drama “The Identical”, many are wincing at what reaction it will receive. The movie uses the persona of Elvis Presley to tell a story about identical twin brothers who are unknowingly separated at birth; one of them becomes an iconic rock 'n' roll star, while the other struggles to balance his love for music while living the life of a “Preachers Kid.”

“The Identical”, which was universally panned when it was released in theatres, was pulled after only playing for three weeks. Grossing $2.8 million during its brief stint in theatres, it fell far short of the $16 million budget. The movie is considered to be a box office bomb.

However, there is more to “The Identical” than most can conceive.

According to critics, “The Identical” is destined for a bright future on the "ironic viewing circuit". People will either hate it or love it. Quad-City Times film critic Linda Cook wrote, "Fans of bad movies, please note: This is a must-see. This is so bad it must be seen to be believed — “Showgirls” bad, a vision that slowly goes wrong, then terribly wrong, then hits disaster levels. In a sense, it’s an Ed Wood-ian exercise in wrong."

Where Ed Wood just made bad movies that are hard to watch, "The Identical" pulls you along and before you know it, the end credits appear. Unlike "Showgirls" where the lead role is very forgetful, the lead charactor in "The Identical", Ryan Wade, is not.

Perhaps it is the subject matter it builds on. Many, who are fans of Elvis may wince at how the story builds on the personality of the “King”. Actor Blake Rayne, who plays both roles of twins Ryan Wade and rock star Drexel Hemsley is convincing, and at times loses himself in the Elvis impersonation genre, but at the same time brings a very alluring quality to the role of Ryan Wade. The music, which is all original, written by musician and arranger Chris Carmichael, Jerry Marcellino, and Yochanan Marcellino, is spot on. The style and delivery is almost like Elvis impersonating himself, playing new material.

Featuring a great cast, with Ray Liota, Ashley Judd, Seth Green, Erin Cottrell and introducing newcomer Blake Rayne, to name a few, the movie is far from a budget film. Whatever the reaction, this is a “must see” motion picture, if only for the music. Many may agree with the critics, while at the same time will go away wondering why “The Identical” drew a tear.

“The Identical” is available to stream in iTunes and Google Play, and has been released on DVD and Blu-ray.

Tell us what you think. Is is good or bad?

Image Illustration: from the motion picture “The Identical” from Freestyle Releasing.`

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