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Man busted for smuggling 94 iPhones on his body

(SNN) – Kim Duc Bang, a South Korean man, was arrested today at the Edmonton International Airport (Alberta) for smuggling and uttering threats within a Canadian Airport. Bang, an employee of Gowwip Electronics and Novelties, from the village of Kijong-dong, was discovered after he jumped up in the air at the terminal and yelled, “Stop it, I am going to get you bastards!”

According to airport authorities, Bang was immediately detained. A strip search revealed that he had 94 smartphones taped to his body, and 4 hidden in his anal cavity. “We would not have found the other 4, but Bang kept yelling, 'Stop it, you bastards!'" advised RCMP Constable Roger Stedanko. “I thought he was just objecting to the search.”

It was discovered that staff at the Gowwip Electronics were playing a joke on him. “Three of the smartphones were left powered up, and his fellow employees kept calling him,” advised Stedanko. “They had left the phones on vibrate.”

The value of the booty amounted to $940.00 Canadian. The offence of uttering threats will not be withdrawn.

Image (cropped): Some Right Reserved by Aleksander Markin flickr photostream. The Sage nor this article endorsed. The original image can be Found Here.

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