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2,800-Year-Old Car Parkade Discovered by Archeologists

Stunning find could be destroyed by bombings

(SNN) – A three-story car-parkade, dating to the eighth century B.C., was unearthed in central Syria, as a result of its initial discovery by American Drones. “Car parkades during this period served as central transportation installations along ancient trade routes. The numerous wine presses discovered in the vicinity of the car-parkade indicate the wine industry was the most important branch of commerce in the region. A large silo, which was used to store corn, shows that the ancient residents were also engaged in alcohol and spirits making," said excavation Director Grabar Boubie, on behalf of the ISIS Antiquities Authority.

Built during the time of the Persian conquest, the car-parkade held ancient motorized vehicles during the Persian period and the Hellenistic period.

In fact, a rare Greek olive-oil filter bearing the name of an ancient mechanic was found on one of the levels of the car-parkade. An axel and shaft dating to the Ottoman period was also uncovered.

The site will be destroyed by recent bombings due to the ensuring battles. “We will do our best to preserve the site,” stated Boubie, “In fact, we have also uncovered two abandoned lories from that period, which we are hoping to save."  

Image (cropped): Some Rights Reserved Maurizio Pucci by flickr photostream, The Sage nor thus article endorsed. The original image can be found here.
Credit : Parody of Archeology Insitute of America story "2,800-Year-Old Farm House Will Be Preserved" 

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