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Edmonton Gun Shop Owner Makes Terrorist List

(SNN) - The Honourable Stephan Blarney, Canada’s Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, today announced that the Government of Canada has added Siad Al-Fubar and his business, crISIS Gun Shop, to the Criminal Code list of terrorist entities.

Siad Al-Fubar came to the attention after a business competitor, Shimmel Cornstein from the JDL Gun & Fun Shop questioned the business name. “I noticed that when Siad fixed his sign, he reduced the first two letters of the name,” came the accusation from Shimmel. “There it was, in full view, da woyd ISIS. Oy Vey. What's a fella to do?”

“Look, times are tough,” came a reply from Siad, “My shop is called Crisis not Isis. I got a discount for the CR, because the smaller letters were on special.” According to Siad, he found the CR on clearance by the Pennyrama Clearance House. “They were ten bucks cheaper. It's too good a deal!”

“Look, we investigated Mr. Al-Fubar's explanation,” Stephan Blarney told our Sage reporter, “It just does not hold water.” Blarney stated that they learned that Siad is an Edmonton arms dealer, and is known to sell handguns, rifles, knifes, and ammunition. “It's simple,” said Blarney, “It's my job to protect Canadians. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it's a terrorist.” Blarney ended the interview with, “We know, oh yes, we know.”

crISIS Gun Shop is located on Fort Road NW, Edmonton, Alberta and will be open both Christmas and Boxing Day. All major credit cards accepted.

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