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Kim Jong-un Arrested: Faces 5000 Days at Labour Camp 22

(SNN) – Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of North Korea, was arrested Sunday morning by armed soldiers. Sources close to the Kim family have stated that it was discovered that he had 200 outstanding parking tickets going as far back as 1984. The tickets were issued by his father, Kim Jong-Il, prior to his death in 2011, while he was still the Supreme Leader. “It was an unusual situation,” advised a nervous Dim Duck-poo, magistrate for the Pyongyang high court. “Jong-Il is considered immortal, and is accorded the super supreme leader, and even Jong-un cannot ignore the fines.”

The total outstanding amount of the fines comes to 500,000 won, which is close to $550US. In accordance with provisional laws of North Korea, all fines must be paid in the form of slave labour, at the current rate of ten (10) won per day.

“We are all pissing our pants here!” chided Duck-Poo, “I mean, while we are following the laws that Jong-Il proclaimed, all is kosher. But once Jong-un gets out of the mines, we are screwed!”

The arrest has caused quite a stir in North Korea with women staging crying sessions. A mass demonstration consisting of a dozen people was held in protest of the arrest. Kim Jong-un was last seen pointing towards Labour Camp 22, a muster point for processing inmates.

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