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Mickey Rourke wins Fight in Moscow [VIDEO]

Returns to the Ring with Golden Glove Champion, Elliot Seymour

(SNN) – In what is seen as his come back, Hollywood actor and fighter Mickey Rourke defeated Elliot Seymour in a exhibition fight yesterday in Moscow. At 62 years of age, Rourke went toe to toe with Seymour, which saw the much younger fighter take a knee after a hit in the middle of the second round. Shortly after, Seymour appeared to struggle after a another hit, which saw him take to the canvas again. The referee stopped the fight.

Seymour is the former California Golden Gloves champion 33 years Rourke's  junior. He is ranked 256th in the United States, had one knockout and nine losses in 10 bouts. Rourke, an Oscar winning actor for his role in “9 1/2 Weeks”, was an amateur boxer before finding fame in Hollywood. In the 90's, Rourke turned to professional boxing, which saw him as an undefeated fighter in eight fights, consisting of six wins and two draws.

Rourke, who also is the winner of a Bafta and Golden Globe for his role in the film The Wrestler, was also nominated for a best actor Oscar for his role in Milk.

Image: Capture from the the fight, Russian Television. Rights Held by POCCKNR, used to illustrate subject matter.  

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