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Expert: Jesus Image on Chicken Nugget Actually Lenin

Photo: One can see many things in a nugget

(SNN) A man who had a deeply religious experience when a deep-fried chicken "nugget" appeared to have a picture of Jesus on it, is outraged a food imaging expert has declared the image more closely resembles Vladimir Lenin, the architect of the communization of Russia.

George "Henny" Henderson, a fowl plucker at Dickens Chickens, encountered the nugget that came from a bag of factory seconds in their staff lunch room. 

"It was the most profound and fundamentally moving experience of my life," claimed Henderson in an interview. "That is why I was asking ten grand for it on eBay. Then I get a letter from some jerk-faced nugget picture guru who says it's one of the Beatles. I think they're just trying to drive the price down so they can buy it on the cheap through a third party."

The food imaging expert, Dr. Dee Piction, Professor of Edible Images at the Westboro Baptist University of Alabama, says there is no doubt the image is not the Son of God but of the Russian ruler.

Using a food image spectrometer, developed by Piction, the results certainly appeared to favor Lenin. The device uses face recognition software from the NSA, to measure on a molecular level, the number of "match points" for each image. Lenin scored 147 on the test with Jesus lagging behind at 104.

"Part of the problem, of course, is that we don't actually know what Jesus really looked like anyway," pointed out Professor Piction. "It is pretty much impossible that he looked Caucasian with long flowing locks, as He is often pictured."

Altered Photo: Some Rights Reserved by Ludovic Bertron  flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed. The original image can be found here

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