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UN Considering Member Application from ISIL

ISIL Could Become the 194th Member of the United Nations

(SNN) - Achmed Mohammad Grabbir Boubi, spokesperson for the newly formed international region of ISIL, released a statement today announcing a formal application to the United Nations. In a series of six, six-second videos released on VINE, Boubi stated, “We the Islam” . . .”ic State of Ira” . . . “q and Levant have” . . . “Officially applied to be” . . . “come, a member state of the Un” . . .”ited Nations, ma'aasalaama."

A representative of the United Nations has responded by stating that the application is under consideration. “In accordance with the United Nations Charter, ISIL has stated in their application that they are open to all peace-loving States and they accept the obligations contained in the UNC; and they are able to carry out these obligations.” In essence, the UN has advised that ISIL has a good Environmental Record, and as a result their panel cannot come up with any reason not to accept the application.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Levant set their borders and have established the new country of Isil.

A similar application from ISIL to OPEC was denied.

Image (Labeled): Some Rights Reserved by Wikipedia, Territorial control of the ISIS CC BY-SA 3.0 The original image can be found here.

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