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Fans React to Don Cherry Airtime Cuts

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(SNN) - Don Cherry recently went public with his complaints that his airtime has been occasionally cut back to just five minutes a night in his job as a political commentator who talks about hockey sometimes.  As expected, his legion of fans flooded social media  with their opinions.

For example, Stephen H. in Ottawa claimed in a lengthy post on the Conservative Party of Canada Facebook page, “Don Cherry is the closest thing to a positive Conservative role model for our children and our nation. Though a bit of a tactless buffoon, Cherry still embodies the virtues of conservativism such as over-zealous patriotism, excessive use of force to achieve ones ends and seemingly apparent xenophobia.”

Eldon from Edmonton tweeted, “Don Cherry is my hero. Although he talked about coaching a lot more than he ever coached, I liked his suits.”

Justin T from Quebec tweeted, “It is nice Rogers is maintaining the policy of hiring the mentally challenged for their NHL programs.”

Paul from PEI, posted a seven-second “Vine” micro-movie of a bosomy blonde in a tiny bathing suit who is shrugging her shoulders while saying, “Who the hell is Don Cherry?”. The vine has already garnered 3 million ‘loops’.

G. Stroumboulopoulos  of Toronto tweeted. “While he is well regarded in the commentator field, I think this is a bad fit for NHL telecasts. Oh wait, that’s me.”

Health Canada issued a statement on their Facebook page that they had concerns about Mr. Cherry’s ‘best before date’ having passed and consumers should think twice about digesting his “nuggets of wisdom”.

Unaltered PhotoSome Rights Reserved by KatieThebeau  flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed. The original image can be found here

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