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Glen Campbell's Final Song is Bittersweet

Music Video "'I'm Not Gonna Miss You" a Tender Testamony

(SNN) - Country western legend, Glen Campbell, has just shared his last song, as presented in the video "I'm Not Gonna Miss You." The song is one of the most powerful ballads ever produced; adding to that, it is a song of Mr. Campbell's battle with Alzheimer's Disease. With heart wrenching lyrics, and images from his life and family, Campbell tenderly, and with such power, expresses the personal pain someone experiences with this illness.

The video is a truly amazing experience, one that is sure to draw tears.

Glen Campbell - I'm Not Gonna Miss You

The song “I'm Not Going to Miss You” was written for an upcoming documentary about Glen Campbell's life, featuring interviews with Bruce Springsteen, Bill Clinton, U2's The Edge, Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift. Titled “Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me”, the film opens in New York on October 24th with a wide release to follow.

GLEN CAMPBELL: I'LL BE ME Official Movie Trailer

It has been reported that Campbell's condition has progressed to the point where he can no longer reside at his home. The song, “I'm Not Gonna Miss You'”, is a blessing to the music world and a testament of a man dealing with this debilitating disease.

Thank you, Mr. Campbell.

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