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Is Justin Trudeau Fit to Form the Next Federal Government?

(SNN) - The Liberal Party of Canada and its leader, Justin Trudeau, have been an interesting sideline to watch for the past year. Trudeau, a forty-two year old, with the charisma of a yuppie, took the rains of the party back in April 14, 2013. From that moment on the Liberal Party of Canada went from the 'Natural Governing Party' to the 'National Altruistic Party'.

The act of trying to please everyone is usually employed by a person who is either out of their comfort zone, or someone desperately trying to fit in. Usually, it is the new kid on the block, attempting to get in with the cool kids. The 'outlander' will do anything to fit in, even acting in a way that his parents won't approve. It starts with trash talk, leads into smoking at the corner store, then drinking at parties. You get the idea.

But is it fair to compare the likes if Justin Trudeau to an altruistic adolescent? 

Unfortunately, this question is easy to answer. Trudeau's position exposes him as an “immature mind” that attempts to appease the fringes of society in an effort to look worldly or cool, with little regard for consequences. His stance of legalizing marijuana and pro-abortion is edgy and can be considered rather brave; but it is a political reach out to a fringe group that is vocal, and are looking for support. He ran with this for some time, then came ISIS.

With ISIS came conflict that crossed international borders. Without any regard for consequence, Trudeau opposed Canadian military intervention in support of a coalition to resist ISIS. In essence, Trudeau opposes sending six Canadian fighters to help defend innocent civilians from a maniacal, genocidal death cult. What is befuddling about this is Trudeau's agenda, if he has consciously formulated one.

This subconscious agenda surfaces when he campaigns specifically to the fringe element of the Muslim community. In his efforts to appease the 'cool' kids, Trudeau has started to play in a sandbox that has even his intended target audience raising an eyebrow.

This week, the Muslim Canadian Congress criticized Trudeau for his association with what it calls "Canada's leading Islamist group." This judgement came as a result of being a guest last Friday at an "Islamic Society of North America, ISNA" event. The Muslim organization and its Canadian branch endorse polygamy and support Sharia law in Canada, a position that is also a cutting edge of ISIS. In Trudeau's attempt to be all things to all people, he received this dig from MCC president Mumtaz Khan “We are deeply disappointed that Justin Trudeau continues to appease known Islamist organizations that not only have a tainted record in the U.S. but who are known proponents of Sharia law in Canada." 

Does Trudeau even understand what Khan was trying to convey?

Justin Trudeau reminds me of Fred Flintstone, the caveman cartoon character of the 1960's. Oafish, overly confident, and somewhat disconnected to reality, Fred Flintstone was a character that got into trouble in every episode, with little regard for consequences.

In one particular episode, titled “The Hit Song Writers”, in an attempt to gain acceptance of the music lovers of the world, Fred Flintstone writes a song that “...all the people will like it, all 140%.” Flintstone, much like Trudeau, formulates his plan based on faulty demographics. Even though Fred didn't know anything about “the song writ'n business,” he bases the popularity of his efforts on faulty math.

The Math? Here his the formula our oafish character banked on:

  • People who like happy love songs - 40%
  • People who like sad love songs - 50%
  • People who like songs for mother - 4%
  • Teenagers who like songs with words like, Hooba-Rooba, Hubba-Bubba and Tweetle-dee-dee - 46%

Like Fred Flintstone, Justin Trudeau's misguided efforts to grasp at popularity is him grasping at capturing “all 140% of the vote”

In a world where Canada needs statesmen with chops, and the ability to weigh in on all facts, the Liberal Party of Canada under the leadership of Justin Trudeau has revealed, over the past 18 months, that they are not ready to form the next government. One must wonder if all the members of the Liberal party are even paying attention. 

Image:  - INC 2009 Justin Trudeau Public DomainA.k.fung at English Wikipedia - Own work

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