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Kathy Griffin Tweet Adds Mystery to Collins Affair

Who is "Jack M"?

(SNN) - If airing your laundry means to expose a secret, then social media has become the twenty-first century equivalent of the proverbial clothes line. Emmy Award winning actress and comedian, Kathy Griffin's reaction to the news that a fellow actor was accused of child molestation has tongues wagging in Hollywood and media looking for answers.

Stephen Collins, a fan favourite, best known as Rev. Eric Camden in the eleven season run of the TV series, "7th Heaven", came under allegations when a recording of him admitting to child molestation surfaced. The news has seen Collins released from the cast of “Ted 2” and left without a Talent Agent. On the same day of the news, Griffin tweeted, “Well well well #StephenCollins, looks like u may have finally gotten urself busted after all these years. Jack M, ur next? KG”

So who is “Jack M” and what did he do? What does Kathy Griffin know about the affairs of Stephen Collins? Whatever was behind the mysterious tweet, Griffin, the winner of season three of “The Mole”, is not saying. These will be the questions she will be asked on future talk shows.

Be ready for them, Kathy.

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