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Jamie DeWolf: Preservation of Others Should Trump Yourself

He Made The Same Mistake Every One Of Us Would Have Made.

(SNN) - A little girl knocks on your door. Looking for a connection she asks the question, “How old is your baby?” With that the father, looking down, answers; and in fear tells the child, “Now go along and play.” This goes on for what seems like weeks, and one day the little girl stops knocking at the door.

She has gone missing. She has been abducted and murdered.

Xiana Fairchild, murdered child.Sadly, this story is true. All too often, the fear of judgment by others and the authorities prevents us from just, “doing the right thing.” Living in a low rental apartment complex, this little girl had been left to roam the hallways without her mother, a mother that would be on a meth run for days on end. Neighbors, all fearing reprisal, ignored her. All the time, the seven year old child went looking for a way inside for shelter and comfort.

The monster that finally gave shelter to this child, also took her life. If only people would allow the preservation of others to trump the protection of the self, Xiana Fairchild would be alive today.

The case of Xiana Fairchild was to become a national story. It's a story of a child abducted, molested and then killed by Curtis Dean Anderson. Parts of her remains were found much later. Anderson, who was found guilty and sentenced to 50 years, would soon brag to reporters about what he had done to Xiana.

The father of the baby, who sent Xiana on her way to play is Jamie DeWolf, a writer, slam poet, and photographer. In the video featured here, he talks about his contact with Xiana. With true humility and remorse, he communicates the need to put others before your own fears.

Jamie DeWolf has something very important to tell us.

Watch this video through to the end. Impactful, it clearly calls for a change in the way we look at others, and how people should just “do the right thing” when given the opportunity. There are consequences for everything we do, and especially don't do.

Image (cropped): - Jamie DeWolf, Speaker, Slam Poet and Photographer. Some Rights Reserved by Timothy Faust flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed. The original image can be found here. Image (greyscale): - Murdered child Xiana Fairchild waiting on the steps, Fair Use Reasoning, subject of topic with no other source available. Posted by My Missing Children Pinterest Account, The original image can be found here

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