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Scheer Frustration: Interviewing the House Speaker

Photo: We couldn't have said it better ourselves

(SNN) - Canadian Speaker of the House, Andrew Scheer, has been attacked by NDP leader Tomas Mulcair for his lack of impartiality. Mulcair took exception when, instead of answering a yes or no question asked of Paul Calandra in Question Period, Mr. Calandra chose to castigate the NDP for their position with regard to Israel. Even when Mulcair asked the question again, Scheer did nothing to compel Calandra to answer the question and let him once again deride the NDP over Israel.

Speaker Scheer claimed in various media that it isn’t his job to weigh in on the content of the government's answers. Many feel, however, that the job description as set out in our parliamentary laws expressly say the opposite. To clarify the situation, the Sage sat down with Mr. Scheer to get the straight answers Canadians are looking for regarding the government being forthcoming to its citizens via their elected MP’s in Question Period.

The Sage: Thank you for agreeing to this interview, Mr. Speaker. Have you had much public reaction stemming from the exchange with Mr. Mulcair?

Scheer: I am greatly disappointed that Canada's highest civilian honour has been politicized and debased by this appointment... Morgentaler has been a central figure in a very divisive and emotional debate. Far from uniting Canadians with feelings of pride and appreciation, there is a significant portion of the population who will be outraged by this decision.

The Sage: Ummm.. Actually, we were talking about the fact that the leader of the Official Opposition has called your fairness into question. Being non-partisan is supposed to be a requirement of the post of Speaker of the House.

Scheer: [The Bill, C-38, or the Civil Marriage Act] is abhorrent to me, to other Catholics and to every member of every faith community … I will, therefore, be voting against this bill … I am proud to be able to do so.

The Sage: I’m sorry, Mr. Speaker but we don’t understand how that answer has anything to do with the question.

Scheer: I have heard some feedback about my age. I know I am getting quite old now.

The Sage: Your age? What the heck are you talking about?

Scheer: If you're in Fort Qu'Appelle tomorrow evening, stop by my community BBQ. It's being held at the Fort by the campgrounds. Hang on one second; I think that’s my wife calling my cell… What’s that honey? You want to know when I’ll be home? I’d have to say that the Roughriders have a great chance to repeat as Grey Cup champions!

Unaltered PhotoSome Rights Reserved by walknboston flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed. The original image can be found here

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