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Scotland Votes to Join Wales

Photo: New Flag of "Scottish Walesland"

(SNN) - In a stunning development, Scotland has changed its plans and, instead of merely seeking separation from the UK, will now join Wales.  The head of the push to create the new country, to be called Scottish Walesland, is Angus McCabertoss. He explained the plan in a media briefing on Tuesday in Edinburgh.

“We were going to just go i’ alone as we are sick to our guts about playing second fiddle to England,” said McCabertoss. “But then we thought if we got together with Wales, we would be top dog and get to push somebody else around, I mean, work together for the betterment of our combined great nation.”

McCabertoss introduced his Welsh counterpart, Secretary of Sheep, Glenn Llywllylllyllnyn, who also spoke at the press conference.

“Rydym yn gyffrous iawn am yr hyn y dyn hwn yn ei ddweud, ond nid yn cael syniad beth mae'n mynd ymlaen am. Os mai dim ond byddai'n siarad Saesneg!*” said Llywllylllyllnyn to the amusement of the media members in attendance. “Hongian ar, yr wyf yn meddwl ei fod yn dweud y dylwn ni fynd gael rhywfaint o Scotch.**”  
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When asked to respond to what Llywllylllyllnyn had said, McCabertoss answered that he supported the bridge from the peninsula south of Portpatrick, right over The Isle of Man, all the way to Lanbadrig; a distance of 164 kilometers.

“We are considering an offramp to The Isle of Mann if they want to pay for i’, but with just, what, 85,000 whatver yuh call ‘em… Mandarins? Whatever, for that many, it hardly seems worth i’. We have almost 6 million! More than twice as many as Wales!”

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